Water and Effluent Treatment

water as a precious resource is a challenge that entire world is facing currently and potable water shortage may lead to poor health and living standards for the entire world population. In an effort to make this precious resource sustainable for the future generations to come, Arkaya has joined hands with leading technology providers in this space and promotes products and services to treat water and effluents to conserve water.

The range of products adhere to the policy of “ZERO DISCHARGE”- meaning zero discharge to the ground and to the environment while the water and effluent is treated.

Waste to Energy

Solid waste management including plastic is becoming a challenge and poses a serious threat to the environment. To be part of solutions to address this grave threat to the environment, Arkaya is jointly working with industry leaders to offer these solutions that convert various wastes to energy and in the process make the environment sustainable for the future generations.

The solutions offered are:

  • Waste Plastics to Fuel conversion technologies ( Poly Crack )
  • Agriculture Waste to Fertilizer
  • Biomass to Energy conversion technologies
  • Zero Energy Scale Control Technologies
  • Segregation Technology for MSW
  • Municipal Solid Waste to value products