We have partnered with M/s. Workspace Metal Solutions P Ltd to offer All-in-One Self Check Kiosk for COVID screening and prevention.

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Self Check Kiosk


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by newly discovered coronavirus. A person can be infected by breathing in the virus or by touching a contaminated surface and then eyes, nose or mouth. To prevent spread of infection it is recommended to screen for suspected infection and maintain personal hygiene. The steps shall include

1. Check for fever

2. Check for SPO2 (COVID -19 impairs lung function resulting in variation in SPO2)

3. Sanitise hands

4. Disinfect the personal belongings like laptop bags, keys, Mobile phones, purses etc

With the above checks the spread of infection can be managed better.

What is Self Check Kiosk?

Self Check Kiosk is an integrated All-in-One solution for screening and sanitizing hands and disinfecting personal belongings upon entry into a premises. This ensures that any possible infection is screened at entry without any trained man power required for this activity and spread of infection is avoided.

The KIOSK automatically performs the following operations.

1. Contact less check for body temperature

2. Touch less hand sanitizer

3. Touch less UV disinfection of personal belongings

4. Safe check of SPO2 level (for every check the surface is disinfected by UV)

The on-board computer captures the images of the individual along with the measured readings of temperature and SPO2 and stores for future reference. This data can be used for any specific requirements based on the need either locally or remotely.